Learn about Our Custom Furniture and Millwork Company

At Interior Environments (IE), we specialize in designing, manufacturing, and installing custom furniture, cabinetry, and interior finish details. Our millwork company has the ability to create a wide variety of interior furnishings and decor. In addition to serving commercial clients, such as architects and interior designers, we also offer our expertise to residential clients that desire unique custom cabinetry or furniture pieces.

A Highly Qualified, Eco-Friendly Millwork Company

IE is one of the industry’s leaders in the manufacturing of custom interiors. We specialize in using a variety of gorgeous sustainable woods, as well as glass, stone, metal, and many other architectural materials. Our projects can be found throughout the United States, predominantly on the West Coast and Hawaii. Our location in the Pacific Northwest allows us to efficiently ship products anywhere in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Whether we are creating a single piece of furniture or an entire interior package, our company offers limitless possibilities and unrivaled artisanship. With every project, we provide the highest level of customer service. This means you can expect to get exactly what you want and any questions you have will be answered immediately. We only design and build the finest products, with meticulous attention to both value and aesthetics.

An FSC® Certified, Green Manufacturing Company

Interior Environments has made a resolute commitment to the green movement. Our company is at the forefront of eco-friendly, sustainable processes when it comes to manufacturing products made of wood. To that end, we have successfully completed the GBCI program to be accredited by LEED™ (Leaders in Energy and Environmental Design). By following their requirements in our facility, we can guarantee our customers environmentally healthy products made by green manufacturing methods.

FSC® Certified Manufacturing

Making first-rate cabinets, furniture, and other interior additions through green manufacturing methods is something we take a great deal of pride in. We are also proud of our accreditation with the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®), which requires compliance with a stringent principle and criteria agreement. This compliance covers all managerial aspects as well as environmental and forest management, and human rights requirements. In fact, FSC rules and standards are the strictest and FSCs social and environmental requirements the highest.

Our company continues to upgrade our facility and update our methods in accordance with new findings and regulations within our community and our industry. We do this as part of our ongoing mission to be a leader in green and environmentally conscious practices and products.

Contact us today to discuss the custom furniture and interior additions you desire. We frequently serve customers in Hawaii and on the West Coast, and ship products throughout the continental United States, including Alaska.